Omsk Region is well-placed to become a tourist stronghold. Landscape variety and climate peculiarities create opportunities for the development of all tourism mainstreams such as recreational, sport and educational tourism. In the long view eco-tourism will be developing rapidly, especially ski touring, horse-riding, water activities, hiking and more.

Omsk is worth sightseeing: there are plenty of landmarks, architectural ensembles, cultural property sites and monuments of nature.

Cathedral Square in Omsk

Cathedral Square in Omsk

Pedestrian excursions mainly lead to historic homes, churches and heritage sights. There is a wide range of walking tours in and around places associated with famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky and commander in the Imperial Russian Navy Alexander Kolchak. One can also get a special guided tour to learn about the exploration and development of Siberia or about the foundation of Omsk.

Main holiday destinations in Omsk Region are the villages of Krasnoyarka, Achair, Chernoluchye, Muromtsevo and Bolsherechye.

Cossack village installation

Cossack village installation

Besides, Omsk is a gateway to Tara, Tobolsk, Salekhard and Khanty-Mansiysk located down the Irtysh river. One can reach this towns on a comfortable cruiser.

Squirrel eating out of hand at the premices of the holiday hotel in Omsk Region

Squirrel eating out of hand at the premices of the holiday hotel in Omsk Region

The Largest Hotels in Omsk

Hotel Address Phone
IBIS Hotel Omsk22, Lenina Street, Omsk, 644024, Russia+7 381-2 31-15-51
Tourist2, Broz Tito Street, Omsk, 644024, Russia+7 381-2 31-65-14
Amaks30, Irtyshskaya Naberezhnaya Street, Omsk, 644048, Russia+7 381-2 31-07-21
Mayak2, Lermontova Street, 644024, Omsk, Russia+7 381-2 33-03-03
Molodezhnaya1, Perelyota Street, 644092, Omsk, Russia+7 381-2 75-18-16
Irtysh155/1, Krasny Put Street, 644033, Omsk, Russia+7 381-2 23-27-02

Taxi in Omsk

Company Phone
Gorodskoe+7 381-2 32-32-32
Vezyot+7 381-2 33-22-22
Semyorka+7 381-2 77-77-77
Nashe+ 7 381-2 36-00-00
Five+7 381-2 32-53-25
City Mobil+7 381-2 90-00-00
Yandex Taxi+7 381-2 95-55-55
Uber+7 381-2 20-82-10