Competitive Strengths

Advantageous Geographical Location

Omsk Location

Being located equally apart from European Russia and Russian Far East, Omsk is near to Asian markets. This allocation makes it easy to establish and maintain economic ties with Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and South Korea.

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Local Authorities Investment Assistance

Advanced domestic law of Omsk Region and Omsk City provides various types of state and municipal support—including tax incentives and budgetary transfers.

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Human Assets

Omsk is a big educational center of Siberia. Numbering many universities and technical schools, our city can boast solid years of experience in specialist training.


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Mature Small & Medium Enterprises

Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises development became possible due to a business assistance infrastructure that Omsk can be proud of.

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Mature Consumer Market

In Omsk there is a big number of retail chain stores.