Largest Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are ranked in descending order of total floor area.

Kontinent, Family Shopping Center;

Kontinent, Family Shopping Center

AddressCorpuses 1-5, 25, 70 let Oktyabrya Street
Floor area160 000 sq m
Area for rent102 000 sq m
Number of floors3rdfloor: "Kontinent-1", "Kontinent-2", "Furniture Center"; 2nd floor: "Construction Center", 12 floors: "Office and Hotel Center"
TenantsM.Video, Eldorado, MirPosudi, MirOkhoti, Leonardo, RichFamily, PierreCardin, Rossyuvelirtorg, Yuvelirtorg, Dusseldorf, Lazurit, Involux, Ormatek ", Askona, Yuvayu, Shatura, Dyatkovo, Rusch, KeramaMarazzi, Sberbank, Gazprombank
Parking3,600 parking slots
Company nameKontinent, Family Shopping Center
ContactsRental department of the shopping center: (381-2) 76-97-19,;
rental department of the Furniture Center: (381-2) 76-83-91,;
department of the Construction Center and Office and Hotel Center: (381-2) 70-50-03,;
marketing department: (381-2) 70-50-85,
Extra informationPublic transport stops within walking distance.
Entertainment zone: Continent Cinema Center (9 cinema halls), "Bowling Empire" Bowling Center (26 lanes), trampoline parks, a climbing wall, a rollerdrome, Kosmomaks children's entertainment center (indoor amusement park), traveling exhibitions.
Food court area (more than 30 restaurants and cafes). In total, more than 600 current tenants.
Passability averages 50,000 people per day.

Mega, Family Shopping Center

Family Shopping Center ‘Mega’ in Omsk

Address35, Arkhitektorov Boulevard
Floor area153,000 sq m
Area for rent127,000 sq m
Number of floors1 floor and a garlow
TenantsIKEA, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Media Markt (anchor tenants).
Parking7,400 parking slots
TermsTenancy contract
Company nameIKEA MOS (Torgovlya i Nedvizhimost), LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 40-81-70
Fax: +7 381-2 40-81-78
Extra informationMega trading network is an investment project of IKEA Shopping Centres Russia (Russian branch of IKEA Group). The concept is to offer various shopping activities and family entertainment. 

Triumph, Shopping Mall

Triumph, Shopping Mall in Omsk

Address19, Berezovskogo Street
Floor area42,000 sq m
Area for rent34,000 sq m
Number of floors4 floors
TenantsEldorado, DNS, InCity, Mobel & Zeit, Estetica Giulia Novars, Mebelevo, Cleànelly, Artiss, Kuzkina Mat, Centaur2000, Vo-bla, Razgulyaev, Fitness No. 1, Pelecon, CAAS
Parking1,200 parking slots
Company nameTriumph-Company, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 31-31-33

Kaskad, Trade and Exhibition Center

Kaskad, Trade and Exhibition Center

Address24, Karla Marksa Avenue
Floor area41,000 sq m
Area for rent32,000 sq m
Number of floors4 floors
TenantsSunlight, Sela, Adidas, KFC, jewelry stores, shoe stores, stores of men's, women's and children's clothes, supermarket
Parking1,000 parking slots
Company nameKaskad TC, CJSC
ContactsPhone: (381-2) 30-90-60, 30-90-20, 30-90-50

Festival City, Retail and Office Center

Festival City, Retail and Office Center in Omsk

Address19, 70 let Oktyabrya Street
Floor area36,558 sq m
Area for rent25,527 sq m
Number of floors3 floors
TenantsModis, Zolla, Lakbi, LTB, Dochki i Synochki; X-time, Yuvelirtorg jewelry and accessories; Eldorado, DNS e-stores; Zebra, Mamma Mia, BarBQ end etc.
Parking600 parking slots
TermsLong-term lease (11 monthes and more); security deposit; public utility services are to be paid by the tenant
Company nameFestival, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 927-927

Omskiy, Shopping Center

Omskiy, Shopping Center in Omsk

Address43, Internatsionalnaya Street
Floor area32,000 sq m
Area for rent16,000 sq m
Number of floors3 floors
TenantsM.Video, Detskiy Mir, Rive Gauche, Zolla, Sytnaya Ploschad, Pravila Sezona, Majordomo, Jewelry Center, Moskovskoe Vremya, Cinnabon, Sozvezdie Krasoty etc.
Parking350 parking slots
Company nameSP Torgoviy Tsentr Omskiy, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 20-00-05
Extra informationOmskiy shopping center is located in the heart of the city at the intersection of the main traffic arteries near the kilometer zero mark.

Keet Interior, Single-Purpose Shopping Mall

Whale Interior, Single-Purpose Shopping Mall in Omsk

Address182/3, 10 let Oktyabrya Street
Floor area32,429 sq m
Area for rent23,468 sq m
Number of floors4 floors
TenantsUyut and Uvau furniture stores; Posuda Center (anchor tenants)
Parking550 parking slots
Company nameUK Nedvizhimost, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 72-98-87

Flagman, Retail and Office Center

Flagman, Retail and Office Center in Omsk

Address80, Frunze Street (18, Gertsena Street)
Floor area31,570 sq m
Area for rent20+ sq m
Number of floors10 floors, a basement and additional storey (14 floors in total)
TenantsI Love Italian Shoes, Dusseldorf, Bustier, Gizia, Cleanelly, CAAS, Ernest, etc.
Parking170 parking slots
Company nameFlagman-Service, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 433-225, +7 381-2 433-223 and +7 381-2 433-387
Extra informationTogether with retail and office space, the center runs 44 hotel rooms, premium supermarket, cafe, events halls, bowling, conference halls and child entertainment center.

Mayak Mall, Retail and Entertainment Complex

Lighthouse Mall, Retail and Entertainment Complex in Omsk

Address6/1, Komarova Avenue
Floor area24,600 sq m
Area for rent14,600 sq m
Number of floors5 floors and a basement
TenantsDNS, Pobeda, Begemot, Yuvelirtorg, Yuvelirniy Soyuz, Sberbank (anchor tenants) and also jewelry and souvenir shops, supermarket, e-stores, optics, toy and furniture shop, leather accessories, household goods, touristic agency and driving school
Parking700 parking slots
Company nameMayak, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 72-53-35 and +7 381-2 72-77-71 (tenancy issues); +7 381-2 72-72-91 (manager)
Extra informationThe complex also runs Mayak multiplex, child entertainment area and food court.

Gertsen Plaza, Retail and Office Center

Gertsen Plaza, Retail and Office Center in Omsk

Address34, Gertsena Street
Floor area12,572 sq m
Number of floors6 floors
Company nameRider-Service, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 22-03-13 and +7 381-2 22-01-31
Extra information24 hour security and video monitoring included.

Europe, Shopping Mall

Europe, Shopping Mall in Omsk

Address42/1, Mira Avenue
Floor area11,800 sq m
Area for rent9,800 sq m
Number of floors4 floors and a basement
TenantsJewelry stores, supermarket, optician, souvenirs, leather goods, home appliances, electronics, toys, household products, furniture store, travel agency, etc.
Parking150 parking slots
Company nameSevernoe Siyanie, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 35-65-26

Iceberg, Shopping Mall

Iceberg, Shopping Mall in Omsk

Address32, Krasniy Put Street
Floor area4,000 sq m
Area for rent2,700 sq m
Number of floors3 floors
TenantsDo 16-ti child medical center; Line Life cosmetic medicine center; Agora premium perfume shop; Decolette, Prestige, Joker; Boudoir textile shop; Palladio design studio; AS-Studio textile design studio; Respect furniture shop; Tais child educational center; Debri e-store; Print Market quick printing; Mir Bumagi retail store.
Parking35 parking slots
Company nameTorgoviy Complex Iceberg, LLC
ContactsPhone: +7 381-2 24-87-07 (manager) and +7 381-2 24-86-67
Extra informationThe mall is located on one of the central city streets near the Sibzavod bus stop. Opening hours: everyday (Monday—Sunday), 10 am—20 pm.